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How to Discover and Navigate the Future | Pastor Cathryn Crosby-Wright

Commitment to Christ | Pator Andrew

Activating God's Manifest Presence for your Life | Pastor William Emina

Where There's Smoke | Mae Baak

The Great Southland of the Holy Spirit | Pastor Cathryn Crosby-Wright

A Generation Minded Father | Pastor William Emina

Fulfilling your Purpose | Pastor Cathryn Crosby-Wright

Breakthrough and Turning Point | Pastor Ray Ledger

Ephesians 1 | Scott Mattheson

Get Ready for the Dance of the Mahanain | Pastor Cathryn Crosby-Wright

Preparing for the Lord | Pastor Colin Oldfield

Join us Live | Clearvision Church

Join us Live | Clearvision Church

| Pastor Ray Ledger

Hebrews 10 | Scott Mattheson

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit | Pastor Ray Ledger

Romans 8 | Scott Matheson

The Power of your Words Part II | Pastor Ray Ledger

Moving in a new dimension of the Spirit | Pastor Cathryn Crosby-Wright

The Power of your Words Part I | Pastor Ray Ledger

Romans 6 | Scott Matheson

The Holy Spirit | Pastor David Kennedy

Overcoming the Power of Sin | Bro Vinay Peyyala

Church: The Called out Ones | Pastor Ray Ledger

In Remembrance of Me | Pastor Cathryn Crosby Wright | Sunday Morning Service

Knowing God's Will in Marriage | Bro. Vinay Peyalla

Creating the Atmosphere for Miracles | Pastor Ray Ledger | Sunday Morning Service

Royals for Such a Time as This | Mercy Emina

Russia Invasion of Ukraine and Us | Pastor Ray Ledger

The Righteousness of God | Scott Mattheson

Beyond Race, Politics and Religion | Pastor Cathryn Crosby-Wright

Leading Like Jesus | Scott Mattheson

The Two Teachers | Pastor Ray Ledger

So What's So Important about the Tree | Pastor Ray Ledger

The Power of the Seed | Pastor Cathryn Crosby-Wright

Believe in Yourself | Pastor Ray Ledger

Blessings in Sufferings | Bro. Vinay Peyyala

The Character of Joseph | Pastor David Kennedy

We are Trees Walking | Pastor Cathryn Crosby-Wright

A New Beginning | Pastor Ray Ledger

The Example of Lot | Pastor Nick Kupier

The Cosmos and the Cross | Pastor Cathryn Crosby-Wright

Starting the New Year with God | Pastor David Kennedy


Christmas 2021 is Over: What have we Learned | Pastor Ray Ledger

Encountering God | Vinay Peyyala

Knowing God | Pastor Cathryn Crosby-Wright

Putting God First | Greg Hammond

Romans 1 | Scott Matheson

Whom and What are you gonna Focus on (Part II) | Pastor Ray Ledger

The Best News Ever | Pastor Colin Oldfield

A New Era for the Last Days requires a New Man | Pastor Cathryn Crosby-Wright

Whom and What are you gonna Focus on | Pastor Ray Ledger

Faith | Pastor David Kennedy

Build on the Rock | Pastor Colin Oldfield

Faith that responds to the Prophetic Karios Time | Pastor Catherine Crosby-Wright

Justification | Pastor David Kennedy

Is It the Tribulation | Pastor Ray Ledger

Strengthening Yourself in the Lord| Pastor David Kennedy

Healing and Miracles (Part 2) | Pastor Ray Ledger

Racism: What do the Bible and science Say | Dr. Mark Hardwood

Healing and Miracles | Pastor Ray Ledger

Father's Day Message | Pastor Colin Oldfield

Nine Eleven | Pastor Ray Ledger

Preparing for the End Times | Pastor Ray Ledger

It's Time to Rise | Pastor Catherine Crosby-Wright

The Four Anchors | Pastor Ray Ledger

Grace | Pastor David Kennedy

Encounters with God | Pastor Ray Ledger

Lockdown But Not Shutdown | Scott Matheson

The Place of Cutting Off | Pastor Cathryn Crosby -Wright

The Supernatural | Pastor Ray Ledger

The Love Letter | Past David Kennedy

Do You Know Him | Scott Matheson

The End Times | Pastor Cathryn Crosby-Wright

Love and Patience | Greg Hammond

Shhh... Can you Hear it | Pastor Ray Ledger

There is no Turning Back | Pastor Cathryn Crosby-Wright

The Power of the Seed | Pastor Cathryn Crosby-Wright

The Life of Peter | Pastor Colin Oldfield

The Magnificent New Covenant | Scott Matheson

Servant Hood | Pastor Ray Ledger

Our Inheritance | Pastor David Kennedy

The Fire of God | Pastor Ray Ledger

The Power of Our Confessions | Scott Matheson

Sunday Service Message | 18th April 2021| Pastor Cathryn Crosby-Wright

He is Risen | Pastor David Kennedy

Let's Rise Up | Pastor Ray Ledger

We are the Salt | Pastor Colin Oldfield

You, Me, Laws and the Rat Race | Pastor Ray Ledger

It is Time | Pastor Cathryn Crosby-Wright

Expectations | Pastor David Kennedy

God of Revival | Pastor Ray Ledger

We have the Power | Pastor Ray Ledger


The Lord our Shepherd | Pastor Ray Ledger

Christmas and Jesus | Pastor Colin Oldfield

Jesus | Pastor Ray Ledger

The Heart of David | Greg Hammond

Waiting on God | Pastor David Kennedy

The Key of Faith | Pastor Ray Ledger

The God of Miracles | Pastor David Kennedy

Hamburgers and Faith | Pastor Ray Leger

The Dodo Bird and the Acorn Tree | Pastor Ray Ledger

In Everything, Give Thanks | Pastor Colin Oldfield

Jack's House and the Three Little Pigs| Pastor Ray Ledger

The Power of Prayer | Pastor David Kennedy

Sunday Service Sermon | Pastor Colin Oldfield | ClearVision Church

Gifts of the Spirit | Pastor Ray Ledger

Sunday Service Sermon | 13 September, 2020 | Pastor Mark Mudri

Overcoming Low Self-esteem | Pastor Ray Ledger

The Power of the Lord to Set us Free | Pastor David Kennedy

Have we Forgotten the Ability of the one we Worship | Pastor Ray Ledger

Drawing near to God | Pastor Cathryn Crosby-Wright

Rocks Cry Out and Worship God! While Humanity does What? | Pastor Ray Ledger

19th June Sunday Service Sermon | Pastor David D'lima

Cement Feet and are you Bound | Pastor Ray Ledger

The Wonders of the New Creation | Pastor David Kennedy

The End Times | Pastor Ray Ledger

The Life of David | Pastor David Kennedy

Six Keys to Good Relationships | Pastor Ray Ledger

The Revelation of Jesus Christ | Pastor Ray Ledger

Affirming the Image of God within Humanity | Pastor David D'lima

The Power of Ideas | Pastor Ray Ledger

The Divine Knock | Pastor Cathryn Crosby-Wright

Things that Really Count | Pastor Ray Ledger

Ministering as salt and light | Pastor David D'lima

Faith in the midst of Coronavirus | Pastor Ray Ledger

Fear Not, Have Faith in the Midst of Coronavirus

The Love of the Father | Pastor Ron Simms

Going where the Evidence leads | Dr. Mark Hardwood

A Brief, but True, History of Time | Dr. Mark Hardwood

Standing in crossroads | Pastor Cathryn Crosby-Wright | ClearVision Church Adelaide

Further Signs of the Times | Pastor Ray Ledger | ClearVision Church Adelaide

Steadfastly Serving our Steadfast God | Pastor David D'lima | ClearVision Church Adelaide

Signs of the Times | Pastor Cathryn Crosby-Wright | Clearvision Church Adelaide

Vision and Destiny

Wisdom and the Tongue | Pastor Ray Ledger | ClearVision Church Adelaide

2020: A Year of Leaping Forward and Claiming the Promises of God | Pastor Ray Ledger

2020: A year of Claiming the Promises of God | Pastor Ray Ledger | ClearVision Church Adelaide

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