Our Hope

It is our desire that everyone can experience belonging to God’s family and all the benefits that come with it. No matter what you are going through, where you come from, what you have been dealt with in your life so far, God excepts you for who you are and wants to welcome you into his family, so you can experience him for yourself.

We would love you to come and experience a personal relationship with God.

Our Vision

We are a vibrant and dynamic church in Bellevue Heights, Adelaide with a mission to SAVE THE LOST AND GROW THE SAVED.

We value the word “RELATIONSHIP” – first and foremost with God, and then we encourage a family atmosphere, where young and old, from all different walks of life can come together, without prejudice, in LOVE and ACCEPTANCE of one another.

In the church, the movement of the Spirit of God manifests himself through personal change, healing, miracles, love, joy and peace.

The impact of the Spirit of God changes individual lives dramatically.

Our Missions

God’s love is for all people in all nations and we consider it a privilege to contribute to the enhancement of the quality of life to those not as fortunate as ourselves.

ClearVision Church is involved in a number of mission projects which extend to countries such as India, Nepal, Uganda and Philippines. Please click on the “Missions” tab to find out more details.

The Pastors

Clearvision Easter 2013 (11 of 46)

We extend you a warm welcome.

My wife Demie and myself are extremely happy for you to visit ClearVision Church. Demie and I have been spirit-filled Christians for more than 35 years. In 1986 following the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we left Adelaide and established a vibrant church in London and also assisted in the development of a number of other churches in the United Kingdom. We arrived back in Adelaide in 1995, and the Lord has used us to establish ClearVision Church.

Our meetings are characterised by many signs and wonders and our desire is to see revival sweep over Adelaide. Many lives of people in the church have been miraculously changed as they find love, security and purpose through Jesus Christ.

Each person has a story to tell of God’s love and acceptance. Come and experience His love for yourselves.



How do I get to ClearVision Church?

The church is situated on Eden Avenue which is just off Shepherds Hill Road. Travelling up Shepherds Hill Road, you take the first right after Bellevue Heights Primary School (Eden Avenue) and the church is on your right.

Does ClearVision have a kids church?

Yes, ClearVision provides interactive and relevant Sunday school lessons to all ages and nationalities every Sunday morning. Children are encouraged to answer questions, and learn relevant bible stories.

Are there youth meetings?

ClearVision holds youth once a month on Friday night. For more information of the events, please go to the “events” page on the home screen.

How long has ClearVision Church been going?

ClearVision was founded in 1996 by Paster Ray and Demie Ledger. It originated in Marino Community Hall and moved to Bellevue heights in 2003, with the purchase of a church building that holds approximately 250 people.

Is ClearVision affiliated with any other group?

ClearVision is affiliated with the Full Gospel Church of Australia and also is a member of the interchurch council of Blackwood.

People have told me that there are miracles occurring at the church. What does this mean?

We believe that through the laying on of hands, people can be healed from all types of sickness and disease. Many people have been healed and continue to be healed when they trust in Jesus. If you need a healing, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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